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Orthopedic surgery is a branch of medicine dedicated to the surgical treatment of problems related to the bones and connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons. It covers a variety of procedures, from ACL and meniscus repair to hip replacement, spinal fusion, and more. Orthopedic surgery can be done to treat the condition, age, or accident-related concerns and can therefore be carefully planned or completely unexpected.

These types of surgeries can vary greatly in terms of how aggressive they are, the risks they carry, and what it takes to recover from them.

Why choose us for Orthopedic Surgery?

From bone fractures to debilitating spinal cord injuries, we are known as the center of excellence in orthopedics. We are the best orthopedic surgery hospital with Ultra-modern facilities and technology to make the best use of the spectrum of orthopedic conditions, and our skilled orthopedic surgeons will ensure that you get up early. One of the main reasons for choosing us would be the availability of excellent orthopedic surgeons in Bangalore.

Facilities & Services

The orthopedic department at Atreum Specialty Hospital includes general and surgical treatments. General orthopedic surgery provides shoulder, knee, sports medicine, injury, pediatrics, joint replacement surgeries, physiotherapy, and total hip replacement surgery. Sub-specialty surgeries include the treatment of congenital and developmental disorders in children, limb preservation and oncological reconstruction, hand and wrist disorders, and minimally invasive procedures whenever possible, reducing pain and promoting recovery. We are an orthopedic surgery hospital, offering pre-operative and post-surgical assistance from all medical, surgical, and nursing areas for the quick recovery of all postoperative patients.


Over the years, the field of orthopedic surgery has expanded to include multiple subtypes and the treatment of multiple musculoskeletal disorders in patients of all ages.

Some common types of orthopedic surgery include:

    • Foot and ankle surgery
    • Hand surgery
    • Hip and knee reconstruction
    • Pediatric orthopedics
    • Spinal disorders
    • Sports medicine
    • Trauma surgery

These overlap with other medical specialties, including neurosurgery, plastic surgery, arthritis, and podiatry. 

The orthopedic surgery department at Atreum Specialty Hospital comprises the best orthopedic surgeons in Bangalore who often work closely with other healthcare providers to manage complex problems.

Best Hospital for Orthopedic in R R Nagar

At Atreum, our team of orthopedic surgery specialists is geared to tackle the toughest of bone and spine-related disorders and conditions. Along with Orthopedic surgery, we also provide treatment for other specialities such as  Critical Care, Internal Medicine, Orthopedic & Joint Replacement, Cardiology, Nephrology, Paediatrics & Neonatology, and Neurology & Neurosciences