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Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer. Oncologists specialize in managing drug treatments for people with early and advanced cancers.

Oncology specialists help in diagnosis of cancer, staging the cancer and grading the aggressive nature of the cancer. Common symptoms that point towards cancer include fatigue, weight loss, unexplained anaemia, fever of unknown origin etc. Other diagnostic tools include endoscopy for the gastrointestinal tract, imaging studies like X-rays, CT scanning, MRI scanning, ultrasound and other radiological techniques.

We offer a comprehensive examination of patients and individualized consultations provided by a competent multi-disciplinary team of doctors, nurses, dietitians etc. Each individual health programs we offer focuses on identifying risk factors for both men, women and senior citizens that may be potentially detrimental to their health. Various treatment options are available to manage cancer tumors. Our oncologists will prescribe the best treatment to suit you.

Our experienced and skilled oncologist comprise of:

1. Medical oncologists: treats cancers using drugs, eg: chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy etc.

2. Surgical oncologists: uses surgical procedure to remove tumours.

3. Haemato oncologists: treats blood cancers.

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