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Best Heart Hospital in Bangalore

Signs and Symptoms

  • Chest pain or discomfort.
  • Dizziness.
  • Fainting  or near fainting.
  • Fluttering in the chest.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Slow heartbeat


Cardiology is a medical branch that deals with the study and treatment of cardiovascular system disorders, particularly the heart, blood vessels, and arteries. It is considered a sub-specialty in internal medicine, it focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular conditions ranging from birth defects to heart disease, including heart failure and coronary artery disease. Cardiologists are physicians who specialize in treating and managing heart diseases. They perform and interpret diagnostic tests and perform interventional procedures including angioplasty. They differ from cardiac surgeons who perform invasive procedures such as chest and heart surgery.

Atreum Speciality Hospital is the leading cardiology hospital in Bangalore, our best cardiology doctors offer comprehensive cardiac care, accurate diagnosis, and treatment, all under one roof, with minimally invasive procedures. We handle the most sensitive heart cases of all ages. Our range of therapeutic expertise covers the entire spectrum of heart conditions including congenital heart disease, coronary artery disease, heart rhythm disorders, heart failure disorders, and valvular disease.

Cardiac Care Department at Atreum Speciality Hospital

Atreum Speciality Hospital is the leading cardiology department in Bangalore to offer 24/7 comprehensive tertiary care for cardiac complaints and vascular diseases. Our cardiology department is supported by state-of-the-art facilities and the highly-skilled cardiology specialists to treat even the most complex cardiac emergencies. We aim to offer holistic and affordable treatment for all kinds of cardiac and vascular conditions.

Common Cardiovascular Diseases

We are known as the best hospital for cardiology in Bangalore. Our cardiology department is managed and monitored round the clock by acute care cardiology specialists and intensive care specialists supported by highly trained paramedics and nursing teams. Our hospital also offers an excellent cardiac rehabilitation program that focuses on the postoperative care of heart patients. Today, we provide patients with the latest technologies for minimally invasive cardiac surgery, interventional cardiology, non-invasive cardiology, pediatric cardiology, coronary bypass graft, valve repair, and repair for pediatric cardiac surgery. 

Cardiovascular diseases affect the structure or function of your heart, such as:

    • Abnormal heart rhythms, or arrhythmias
    • Aorta disease and Marfan syndrome
    • Congenital heart disease
    • Coronary artery disease (narrowing of the arteries)
    • Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
    • Heart attack
    • Heart failure
    • Heart muscle disease (cardiomyopathy)
    • Heart valve disease
    • Pericardial disease
    • Peripheral vascular disease
    • Rheumatic heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Vascular disease (blood vessel disease)


At Atreum Speciality Hospital, we work tirelessly to deliver the most comprehensive cardiac care and deliver the best outcomes. There is continuous advocacy to adopt a healthy lifestyle – which is a key to good cardiac health. Our cardiology specialists provide the complete set of surgical interventions to treat all heart-related ailments. 

We provide the best cardiology treatment for the following conditions: 

    • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
    • Holter Procedure
    • Treadmill Test
    • ECG
    • Coronary angiogram
    • Echocardiogram
    • Emergency Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
    • Cardiac Device Implantation
    • Pediatric Cardiology
    • Balloon Mitral Valvotomy
    • Balloon Pulmonary Valvotomy
    • Balloon Dilation of Stenotic Valve

Best Cardiology Hospital in Bangalore

Atreum Speciality Hospital is the best cardiac hospital in Bangalore offering advanced cardiac treatment and care for all types of cardiac diseases. Our best cardiology doctors in Bangalore strive to deliver exceptional cardiac care. We also have other specialities like  Gynecology and Obstetrics, Orthopedic & Joint Replacement, Nephrology, Paediatrics & Neonatology, and Neurology & Neurosciences