Atreum Hospital

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Hygenic and well maintained hospital


Our hospital Reception bears the best-trained staff, required for answering all the preliminary questions. They will ensure the patient and the Attendant will be provided with all the required details and documentation on a timely basis. The doctor’s availability, appointment schedules, Video consultations, and other details shall be available all the time.


Our In house pharmacy boasts the best of the best medicines in the market. The availability of Certified medicine with Professional and experienced pharmacists makes Atreum Pharmacy truly remarkable. In case of emergency, medicines will be available in footstep distance, making it an essential part of our hospital.

Hygenic and well maintained hospital
Hygenic and well maintained hospital

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

ICU at Atreum hospital consists of State of the art equipment to monitor and serve the patient required care of the hour. ICU is equipped with highly trained staff and a continuous supply of Oxygen to give the patient the utmost care required in ICU. ICU is a sterile zone and entry to attendants only on permission from the doctor.


Our Operation Theatres are available to perform any kind of surgeries at any given point of time. In case of emergencies, the duty doctors will be available to treat the patient, and Specialist doctors will be available at the time of pre-operation procedure to ensure the surgeries are being carried out well. Operation theatres match the standards of a branded hospital.

Hygenic and well maintained hospital
Hygenic and well maintained hospital


Atreum hospital procures In house Ambulance equipped with Oxygen and for all patient services and also during emergency needs. The ambulance is driven by a highly experienced driver, and a health care staff with knowledge of providing Basic Life Support System to the patient during emergency situations. Atreum Ambulance is well maintained and checked periodically to avoid sudden breakdowns in any circumstances.


When it comes to Kidney related Ailments, the general thing coming to the picture is Dialysis. Dialysis is a process of removing excess water, Solutes, and toxins from the blood in people whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally. Our team of Nephrologists with vast experience will always stand by your side during the process making you feel better.

Hygenic and well maintained hospital
Hygenic and well maintained hospital


Atreum pathologist team works with best inventory available in the city. Basically Pathology deals with the study of causes and effects of diseases or injury. Our team works 24/7 to provide additional support to doctors and Staffs during emergencies.