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Dr. Nagesh S Adiga

Dr. Nagesh S Adiga

MD, DNB, (NEURO) Sr. Consultant Physician, Internal Medicine, Diabetologist & Neurologist.

Dr. Nagesh S Adiga is currently associated with Atreum Speciality Hospital, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore. He completed an MBBS from Mysore University & DNB in General Medicine from JNMC Belgaum.

With a rich background as a former Sr. Consultant at Manipal Hospital and the Government of Karnataka, India, he brings extensive expertise. A life member of esteemed associations such as the European Diabetes Association and the Association of Physicians of India, Dr. Adiga is a Research Associate for RSSDI India & KA. His impactful contributions extend to his role as an Advisory Board Member for WHO and Pfizer Lid. At Atreum Hospital, Dr. Nagesh S Adiga is a valuable and esteemed member of our medical team.

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Sr. Consultant Physician, Internal Medicine, Diabetologist & Neurologist.

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