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World Mental Health Day - What Are The Major Mental Health Issues?

Mental health and disorder are one of the most talked about topics of the 21st century. People well aware of mental health issues generally seek medical healing and consult a psychiatrist whenever necessary. However, a larger population does not acknowledge mental health as a real deal and discourages any dialogue related to the disorders.

10th October is observed as world mental health day, and the overall objective of celebrating this day is to raise awareness and acknowledge the need to consult a doctor regarding issues like Depression, PTSD, Panic Disorder, Anxiety Attacks, etc. It’s time we start talking about common mental illnesses and seek medical attention to cure the disease before it gets too late!

1. Depression: You must have heard about this mental disorder from almost every person. Still, it is common for people to lack the right information about the disease. Depression starts when you lose interest in the things that you once liked. Other symptoms include losing concentration, appetite, tearfulness, pain in the body, suicidal thoughts etc.

2. Anxiety Disorder: Are your emotions flowing out of control, and do you feel an excessive burden of your problem? Constantly feeling this way may lead to anxiety disorder which results in feeling restless and irritated. Having trouble sleeping and concentrating are other signs of anxiety.

3. Panic Disorders: Panic attacks or panic disorders could physically affect the patient and influence day-to-day activity. Here you would feel triggered by some action or a particular situation, and it gets challenging to escape from the situation quickly. Thus you may feel trapped and unable to breathe while having a panic attack.

4. Eating Disorders: Around 14 million people worldwide experience the problem of an eating disorder. This disease includes abnormal eating that is resulted from traumatic events like fat shaming, obesity, being very slim during childhood, feeling distressed etc. When a person suffers from a binge-eating disorder, they may eat uncontrollably until the body is caught with several health complications. In other cases, patients eat the meal and vomit immediately after eating to ensure no weight gain; this condition is called Bulimia. This could affect the stomach lining, which could be deadly for the patient.

5. PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder): PTSD is another common mental disorder linked to a traumatic event that occurred in the life of the victim in the past few months. In such a condition, the patient undergoes a situation that causes severe stress and trauma to the mind & body, like the death of a family member, life-threatening diseases, being caught in fire, etc. Generally, survivors of rape, acid attacks etc., are seen as suffering from PTSD. You may feel fearful of everything and get constant flashbacks and nightmares of the past event. Thus getting medical help is advisable.

Mental disease could be as severe as getting suicidal thoughts, trying to impair anything or anyone nearby etc. These conditions need to be curbed down on an immediate basis, and only a certified doctor can control the situation efficiently. So you should visit the Atreum Hospital and render quality services like private consultations, specialised mental health doctors etc. Book a private e-consultation with a specialist.