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Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer And Its Complications

Breast cancer is a commonly known disease in middle-aged women. The American Cancer Society estimates that 30% (i.e. 1 in 3) of women are infected with breast cancer each year. Though this disease does not show any prominent signs or symptoms during the early stage, timely detection could reduce the risk of spreading cancer to other body parts.

 What Are The Symptoms Of Breast Cancer?

Every individual notices different symptoms when suffering from breast cancer. To avoid any mishap, women must perform a regular breast examination at home and check for the early symptoms listed below-

  • Change in size of the nipple 
  • Pain in the breast, even when you are not on your periods 
  • The appearance of a new lump that does not disappear in a few days
  • A clear, red, yellow or brown discharge from one nipple 
  • Swelling, redness, itching or rash on the breast and near the nipple area   
  • Noticing a lump or swelling around the collarbone or under the arm

These symptoms are usually noticeable during the early stage of cancer. Moreover, you may notice other later symptoms if the cancer is not timely detected, which include –

  • Dimpling on one or both breasts 
  • Change in appetite 
  • Having retracted or inverted nipples 
  • Unintentional weight loss 
  • A painful & giant lump in the breast or nearby area 
  • Detectable veins on the breast 
  • The texture of the skin looks like an orange peel 
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes in armpits

Noticing one or two symptoms does not mean you are suffering from breast cancer because swelling in the breast area could also result from injury. Moreover, clear discharge from the breast is often a result of infection. Thus, if you notice minimal symptoms, there is nothing to panic about. It would be better to consult a physician and let them perform a proper diagnosis.

 Possible Complications Of Breast Cancer

Cancer is formed in the body when malignant cells start replacing healthy cells, resulting in an incurable tumour. Stage 4 of breast cancer is called advanced or metastatic breast cancer; thus, it could cause severe complications in the body. You must consult a doctor before it gets too late. Here are the potential complications an individual may face,

  • The tumour growing within the breast could result in excessive pain as cancer releases different pain-causing chemicals in the body. 
  • Next is the spread of breast cancer to the bones. If breast cancer is not controlled or cured, the infected cells start affecting the bones of the surrounding area. This impacts the bone rebuilding process. 
  • Hypercalcemia is another risk associated with advanced breast cancer. When the calcium levels are elevated, the body releases calcium into the bloodstream, which is a serious problem as it can result in kidney stones, neurological problems, kidney failure etc. 
  • Apart from these, untreated breast cancer could result in complications like Lung tumours, liver infections, and brain metastases.

Neglecting symptoms of breast cancer or other healthcare complications may increase the risk to health. Thus, seeking proper consultation with experienced doctors from Atreum Hospital is advised. We work on diagnosing diseases and foresee any complications related to breast cancer. Directly connect with our medical professional.