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Newborn Complications - What Are The Common Problems In Newborn Babies?

It is a diligent process to raise newborns and ensure the best health for the baby. A baby stays in the womb for nine months, and as soon as it is born, it gets difficult for them to adapt to a completely new environment. After birth, it is essential for a child’s body to develop its immune system and fight diseases that could affect the body.

Transitioning from the womb to the real world could include common health issues like cough, cold, temperature changes, bloated belly, loose motions, and jaundice. In order to understand the child’s condition in detail, we have mentioned some common problems seen in a newborn baby. Also, we will learn about the treatment process required to address the issues.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries in newborns are a common issue noticed once the child is delivered. This includes having temporary injuries and signs on the head, face, arms etc. These injuries differ from birth marks as they could heal with proper medical attention. It includes bruises, lumps on the skin, blood under the eye etc. The reason behind having birth injuries is the pressure put during the delivery process, damage caused in the womb etc. Doctors perform ultrasounds to ensure the baby is in the right shape in the womb. 

Bloated Belly

If you have seen a newborn, it is very common to notice a bloated belly that feels hard while touching. Commonly this condition is triggered due to constipation or gas. A newborn is unable to control its appetite and tends to overeat. Thus you may notice a swollen belly or abdomen. Usually, this problem goes away within hours, but if it stays and the child is continuously crying, you must consult a doctor.

Noisy Breathing

Unlike adults, newborns breathe out of their noses and do not know how to breathe from the mouth. Infants have a very small nasal air passage that could be blocked even with a small amount of mucus. The small air passages make it difficult for the child to breathe easily, resulting in noisy breathing. Though it is a common condition and there is nothing to worry about, visiting a doctor could help you clear all the doubts if the problem stays for long


Around six out of ten newborns are affected with jaundice, making it the most common problem in babies. The reason behind this infection is the immature liver at the time of birth. This results in a higher level of bilirubin in the body, and the child’s eyes and skin look pale yellow. Doctors usually provide immediate care after the child is born, or there could be adverse effects. 

Parents need to take special care of the child during the early years. Also, in case of any medical guidance, you should connect with the Atreum Hospital for the best Paediatric and Neonatology advancements. Our doctors have the upper hand in diagnosing the disease and arranging the treatment.

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