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Importance of Basic Emergency Care

First aid plays an important part in any emergency. It can serve many by providing the right treatment at the right time.

People know that emergency care is not fully equipped with logistics, so people are only in the event of severe pain or illness. People generally do not consider the importance of basic emergency care education.

Some common reasons why people stay away from are as follows:

    • People are very busy, and they ignore most the emergency situations
    • They don’t know where to go, or how to manage the emergency situation
    • Some people think that they already have enough knowledge of emergency care
    • While some people also think that accidents happen to other people, but not to them or their friends, family, and co-workers.

Here are some reasons why people should know the basics of emergency care:

    • It does more than just help save lives: It is true that first aid training can undoubtedly help save lives. That’s not all, though; providing immediate first aid can help reduce a person’s recovery time and make a difference between a patient with a temporary or chronic disability. You will learn how to stay calm in an emergency and learn simple acronyms to help you remember the steps you need to take. First aid training will keep you safe and comfortable and therefore more effective and in control when needed.
    • Allows you to increase patient comfort: Not all accidents, injuries, or illnesses require a trip to the hospital, but that does not mean that they do not cause pain and suffering to the patient. A child who suffers from a bruised elbow or fever suffers. Using simple techniques such as knowing how to behave, applying an ice pack properly, or using an appropriate bandage can also help alleviate their discomfort. You provide emotional support by being calm and composed, which gives them more confidence and reduces their anxiety levels.
    • It gives you the tools to prevent the situation from worsening: In some cases, if the patient does not receive basic first aid care immediately, their condition worsens, often rapidly. By providing basic care, it is possible to stabilize the patient until emergency medical services arrive. 
    • Encourage safe and healthy living: The first thing you learn is to take care of yourself and ensure your safety is a priority. It’s practical, not selfish. Keeping safe means you are able to help others instead of helping yourself. You will also learn about the importance of healthy living and how habits and lifestyle choices can increase or decrease the risks of developing problems such as coronary heart disease. This knowledge will make you more aware of your health and alert you to the dangers around you.

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