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Best Food To Consume And Avoid During Pregnancy

The relationship between food and women during pregnancy is unrivalled. Some women start craving certain foods that they never liked before and gagging with the food they once loved. Undoubtedly, pregnancy is one of the most delicate phases in a woman’s life. It is also well-known that a mother’s diet during pregnancy is significant to her baby’s health. Therefore, having a healthy diet during pregnancy will be helpful for a foetus’ growth and development. It is also considered that a woman’s immune system is weaker during pregnancy, and certain foods can put the pregnant woman at a higher risk for foodborne illnesses. That’s why there are certain foods that women should avoid eating during pregnancy.

In this write-up, we will explain what to prioritise and what to avoid in a healthy pregnancy diet.

Foods to eat during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the woman’s goal should be to eat nutritious foods. Here is the list of healthy and nutritious foods you must eat during pregnancy.

  • Fruits and vegetables loaded with vitamins, protein, and minerals, such as oranges, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, etc., help the baby’s growth and development. Further, dark green leafy vegetables, black beans, lentils, and spinach are good sources of iron and folic acid that support a woman’s body in making more blood for both mom and baby. 
  • Foods containing omega 3-fatty acids like salmon, sardines, canned light tuna, and trout will benefit the body during pregnancy. 
  • Dairy products such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, and dry fruits like almonds, cashew, walnuts, etc., will be beneficial for the development of bones and teeth. 
  • Consuming plenty of liquid is also mandatory as it will help you stay hydrated and prevent constipation, haemorrhoids and urinary tract infections for the mother. 
  • Bread and whole grains are essential to eat during pregnancy as they offer nutrients like Vitamin B, Fibre, Iron, and Protein.


Foods to avoid

There are certain foods that shouldn’t be eaten because of the negative impact they can have on you and your baby’s health when consumed in large quantities.

  • Stay away from caffeine (coffee/ tea) and alcohol, as they can negatively affect a baby’s health, growth, and development. 
  • Avoid seafood containing mercury like swordfish and marlin, or keep the intake to an absolute minimum. 
  • Do not consume raw/ undercooked eggs, as it will pose a risk for foodborne illness. 
  • Hot dogs and meat can contain harmful bacteria. If you want to enjoy them, heat them at a high temperature to kill bacteria.

Pregnancy is the most pivotal phase of a woman’s life, and consuming proper nutritious food is essential to keep your body and baby healthy. Further, if you have any queries regarding dietary restrictions or whether the food is safe to eat during pregnancy, consult with our healthcare professionals at Atreum Speciality Hospital. We offer excellent services to pregnant women and ensure that the child is healthy and safe. Talk to our health care providers today. We will be happy to help you.