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Atreum Speciality Hospital has experience in managing obstetric, gynecological, and pregnancy cases, including emergencies. We have a dedicated center for Ob/Gyn and Women’s health that provides a treatment that meets the standards of international protocols and high-quality care.


I got delivered 3 days back by Dr. Mamatha and Dr.Harish, such wonderful doctors with lots of patience and care for their patients, I didn't have any pain after the operation, it was managed so well, the hospitality provided by the staff is amazingly awesome, and the staff is extremely well trained.
Loads of love❤
Thank you for the amazing memories of early Motherhood...

Sowmya P

My mother underwent Laparoscopic surgery for fibroid. Doctors took very good care of her. Thanks to all the staff and nurses. I strongly recommend this hospital for safe surgery.

Atasi Bhowmik

Very good doctors, my sister got admitted for delivery, met with Dr. Mamatha Madam, she is one of the most humble and well-experienced doctors I've ever seen, even staff are also well trained and good caretakers.

HarshItha D

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    Trusted by many families